« I always loved processes that involve creating something. » 

Hi Anna, how would you define yourself professionally speaking?

I am definitely an allround creative person. I work as a graphic designer and a photographer. I am also the co-founder of LOCOMOT, a contemporary art platform in Vienna that creates and curates soloas well as group exhibitions of all artistic expressions.

Tell us a bit about your story and background. 

I have always been a creative person. As a child, I wanted to be a painter, and at school, my favorite subject was fine art. I always loved processes that involve creating something. Later, I decided to get a degree in Graphic Design, and it’s during this time that I found my new passion for photography. Ever since I have combined the two.

How did you end up doing what you do ? 

By taking one step at a time. My job runs alongside my own personal development. I learn and grow everyday by meeting new people, taking chances, and exploring the world around me. Its a never-ending journey. That may sound a little bit cheesy, but this is how it has been for me and how it will be in the future. I am not the person who settles for anything. I always continue to explore other possible developments. I‘ve always loved changes. When I was younger, I traveled as much as I could, and moved to different cities. Now that I am back in Vienna, my day-to-day life feels like moving from one place to another while working in numerous creative areas at the same time.

What is your typical day like ?

I start every day by riding my bike to the LOCOMOT Gallery – my office space in the first district of Vienna, shared with two other creativesLOCOMOT is a pop-up gallery focusing on off-spaces as an exhibition platform, but it is also used for solo-shows and as a photostudio, even though I mostly get hired to shoot on location.

You can’t work without…

… my camera, my laptop and my very smart phone.

« I am not the person who settles for anything. »

Team work or going solo?

I am a very versatile working person. On the one hand, I work alone with my camera and my laptop. AT LOCOMOT however, I work within a fabulous team, and on certain occasions I get to collaborate with other artists, which is always an inspiring experience.

How do you manage the business and administrative side of your activity?

I do everything myself, except for LOCOMOT,  where I share all tasks evenly with my partner.

 « It is almost ironic that with LOCOMOT, I have found a way to take breaks from constantly producing art myself by curating other artists work! »

Do you have special projects coming up you would like to talk about?

At LOCOMOT, we‘re part of the Vienna Art Week Program again this year. We will exhibit artist Stephanie Pflaum in our gallery space (Seilerstätte 7) this upcoming November.

Are you looking for collaborators?

I‘m always looking for collaborators, especially interesting artists for LOCOMOT ! We create about two shows per year and visit a lot of studios in the meantime. For my own personal projects, I have collaborated with many people from different disciplines, such as an illustrator  who approached me for my graphic design and digital skills. Together, we produced stationary, invitations, menus and business cards. We call ourselves “Die Brieftauben (the carrier pigeons), stay tuned!

 How do you imagine the future?

I am still open to explore more areas of my creativity. I will try bringing back some of my fine art skills, and maybe even go into illustration. But whatever it is I do, it will always involve creating and rearranging beautiful things. It is almost ironic that with LOCOMOT, I have found a way to take breaks from constantly producing art myself by curating other artists work !