Hi Mira and Dina, what is R.VERVE?

R.VERVE is a family business that we have set up as sisters. We design and produce high-end leather bags and accessories, as well as a little cashmere collection.

How and when did you start this label?

We started R.VERVE with a cashmere collection while spending some time in Tuscany. We then very quickly decided to expand our activities and developed a leather collection, entirely produced in Tuscany. It has slowly become our main activity, and here we are!

Tell us a a bit about your team. Who are the creative minds behind R.VERVE?

We have a super team! We (Dina and Mira) work on the concept and design of our products and manage the company. We then discuss our ideas with our production manager who is based in Tuscany. Finally, our two artisans transform them into reality in their atelier in the Tuscan countryside. They are true magicians: extremely precise and technically brilliant. We really believe that good partnerships improve final results.

What kind of skills were necessary to develop this brand?

We come from different backgrounds: Dina graduated in Economics and Arts Management from the Bocconi University in Milan, and she was in the Viennese art scene. I (Mira) have a degree in Industrial and Business Design from Istituto Europeo di Design and Domus Academy, and I worked for several design companies and galleries in Milan. Our respective professional backgrounds have definitely helped us in shaping and running R.VERVE, but there were also a lot of creative, technical and managerial skills we have had to learn on the way.

 How do you organise your weeks and structure your company?

We have different issues and challenges to tackle every day: creative, financial, administrative ones… Therefore we organise our schedule accordingly. We divide our time between Vienna (where our administrative structure is based) and Tuscany (where the production is). We are a young company so we try to do most of the business and administrative tasks ourselves. Dina is very good in maths, I (Mira) am better in communication.

Who does R.VERVE appeal to?

R.VERVE appeals to very different people, from diverse ages range, professions and styles. They all have in common this appreciation for our timeless aesthetic and quality in craftsmanship. We are very happy to be praised by a diverse public, precisely because we don’t want to be put into a box. Our bags should be worn longer than just one season, and we want them to match all kind of persons and tendencies. We never liked to follow or belong to certain groups, and so do our bags!

Are you looking for collaborators?

We do have some ideas in mind, and indeed, we would like to team up with designers, artists and artisans. We are also very open to proposals and ideas from other creatives!